dRooLinOntHakEyS EP


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This is the last EP apart of a trilogy of EP's released within the last year. This final installment will complete this series of works and create the first full length release by ANDROIDOH, "15.08.". The first "eP", "OuThaKuhtH" introduced the start of an indirect progression of my own original aural experimentations. Emulated in the realm of post-dubstep, broken beat, abstract hip-hop, wonky and a variety of other experimental sub-genre inbreeding, "OuThaKuhtH eP" expressed an independently strong and convincing undertone which sets an eclectic precedence to be continued throughout the assortment of audio works to follow. A short time afterwards, "InThaCirQual Ep" went straight to left field with an array of exacerbated improvised noises & glitches, smoothly micro-edited to transition through a multitude of repetitive "noise walls" and jazz inspired instrumental jam sessions. This "Ep" stood out in the 3 part composition of albums as a solid middle ground, entertaining both extremes of electronic compositions and containing a successfully tasteful transition from "OuThaKuhtH eP" & "dRooLinOnThAkEyS EP", the final movement of the trilogy. "dRooLinOnThAkEyS EP", to be released July 14, 2012, concludes the 3 part EP collection, "15.08.". Not only is this the longest arrangement of works but every track is named number one through 9 in french, with the exception of a personalized caption beside each numbered track to help distinguish each movement as a unique, individual piece of aural stimuli. This EP strays from the first "eP" where as instead of building an open ended foundation loosely based on a variety of sub-genres, "dRooLinOnThAkEyS EP" hones in on the progression from the abstract & experimental orientations and brings it's attention to a subtle integration of the ever-so-popular "Footwork and Juke" epidemic into the collage of micro-edited compositions. Varying from mellow melodies and a broken beat essence to hard hitting sub kicks and blinding fast hi hats competing in a furious whirlwind or "Juke" spiced 8bit "Spazz Core", "dRooLinOnThAkEyS EP" delightfully completes this visually progressive collection of aural movements. Upon sitting through the entire collection of works, one realizes to explore ANDROIDOH's journey into electronic explorations is to explore the vast complexities of ANDROIDOH's psyche, which reveal an obsessive compulsive desire for rare & eclectic "cut-n-paste" micro edits accompanied by an outright ghastly approach at dissing pop culture with a dark, twisted sense of humor to slap you in the face with. Be prepared, because sitting through this music can be difficult...


released June 15, 2012



all rights reserved


ANDROIDOH San Jose, California

Future bass, left-field, wonky trap, glitchstep, juke, post-dubstep electronic audio compositions.

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Track Name: Numero Cinq [jewkdyabreh]
"I was this close to sealing the deal." "Wake Up!"
Track Name: Numero Sept [Duke Jukem' fah real$ie$]
"Randy Butternubs, Dutchess Gummie Buns, Prince Hot Bod, at your service..."
Track Name: Numero Neuf [$ecret Bonu$ Bla$tr]